Big nine to join us

Big nine milk tea

Only one of the industry Big nine to join us

Provide one-stop service

1、Big nine stores location analysis

Big nine provide for the customerMilk tea shop locationAdvice,And make market prospect forecast analysis;

2、Big nine decorate a style to design

Provide for the customerDecorateStyle design and store image planning as a whole,To assist and preparing milk tea shop;

3、Nine big promotion planning

Design plan for the customerPromotional activitiesAdvertising propaganda(Such as flyers、Advertising light piece, etc),Provide first-hand market information and risk prediction;

4、Big nine management guidance

For franchisees to provide professional productsTraining of milk tea,And sales promotion training、Store daily operation training, etc;

5、Big nine raw materials wholesale

Live for joining trader would like to open milk tea shop provide cheap and fineMilk teaWithMilk tea raw materials,As far as possible for customers to save money,Reduce the investment risk;

6、Big nine headquarters service support

Opening resident guidance,Good for napa stores management level,Provide the follow-up operation maintenance,And more milk tea product research and development for our customers。

Only one of the industry

Big nine milk teaOver a year365The new product

This is a competitive era,

You shop around there will be variousMilk tea brand

You ever thought about:

What is a milk teaThe core competitiveness




A new product every day,Big nine milk tea,For you
Is unique competitive advantage!

Only one of the industry

Big nine milk teaSales staff is more than the investment promotion personnel

You areJoin the big nine milk tea shopAfter,Please don't mind if we call too much。

We will send for you worry about milk tea raw materials and equipment,
Small details will be opened for you worry,Will be for each of you run a trivial to worry about!


Big nine to join us,Is only the beginning!


1Hours to reply / 24Hours to solve the problem

365Day all year round / One-on-one customer service

Only one of the industry

Big nine milk tea shopProduct selling personalized Settings menu

Each and every oneBig nine milk tea joining traderStores are not the same,

We can according to your specific city,Business circle,Consumer groups,Spending habits,The level of consumption,

Rival brands and so on a series of cases,

Give you to customize more accord with big nine stores the actual situation,More competitive milk tea menu。

Only one of the industry

Big nine to join usStore image personalization

Change is the only constant truth

Coffee、Milk tea、Drink industry is a young man of industry,Young people prefer to try new things。The store design is by the Hong Kong's top design team,In guarantee big nine brand consistency、The integrity of the request,Tailor more personalized stores for you!To make the customer more like your store!

Big nineBig nine milk teaBig nine napa stores
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